Adventures of Jordan: Noah
and Linda and Richard Hemphill

One spring day while looking out our sliding glass door admiring an April snowfall, I was startled when something hit the glass right in front of my face.

Linda and Rich Hemphill

Looking down, I saw a bird lying still in the snow on our deck, apparently knocked unconscious after flying into the glass.

Within a few minutes, a wild turkey hopped up on the deck and strutted over to check out the little bird. I like to think that the turkey was concerned about his friend.

Richie went outside and rescued the bird from the snow and cold and brought it inside. Happily about three or four hours later, the little critter revived and survived and we were able to release him back to the wild.

Through that experience, the idea for our children’s book Adventures of Jordan: Noah was born – along with a desire to write a series of books with each book based on a different character in the Bible.

I hope you enjoy our first book – Adventures of Jordan: Noah! It was fun writing it and we appreciate the opportunity to share the word of God and His love for all of us through this Christian children’s book.

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Linda Hemphill, Author
Rich Hemphill, Illustrator
Adventures of Jordan – Noah
We live in Western Pennsylvania and have six children between us
(a/k/a the Brady Bunch – LOL!) and eight grand kids – so far!

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